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How it works & FAQs


Do ID-Dizajner Events Deliver?

Yes, we do! For us to work out the best delivery we need to know the delivery address, dates and approximate times. We will designate a 1-hour time window for your delivery.

Do you set up and install the props and champagne towers?

Our standard delivery and collection cost include our delivery team dropping all hired items in a specific pre-designated location at the venue but not doing set-up. The location must have easy access and exact delivery place at the venue must be confirmed 7 days before the event date. All ID-Dizajner Events rental items will be boxed and/in bags/covered ready for you to discover and enjoy. It will then be the responsibility of the hirer to set up and position these items. All ID-Dizajner Events rental items will need to be packaged in the original bags/boxes and cleaned ready for the confirmed collection time. The items must be in the same location they were dropped off. See below for special delivery requirements for the Grass welcome drinks wall.

Can you help set up the props and champagne towers for us?

Yes of course we can, we can help make sure our props feel right at home at your venue. We charge an additional fee for us to come in and set up our props in your desired location at your venue. Please note that someone must be at the venue to tell the ID-Dizajner Events Rentals team where to set up/position the props. The set-up fee will be charged on how many crew members are required. Please let us know in your request for quotation should you wish to avail from this service.

Does someone need to be there when ID-Dizajner Events deliver the items?

Yes, we will need someone onsite in order to sign our delivery note. This is because we want to make sure you are happy with the items that we have provided. We will also need someone to sign a returns note when we pick up the items after your event.

Why is your Grass welcome drinks wall delivery and collection so special?

When delivering the Grass welcome drinks wall, the ID-Dizajner Events team provides a free set up service where our crew members will secure the wall in the desired location. By doing this, we ensure all the dirty work has been done and the wall is ready to be used. The client must be present to guide the placement of the wall. Access to exact set up location must be on the ground level and no further than 50 meters from the delivery point. If access is further or up steps please make us aware of this. This may incur an additional charge.

What does venue access need to be like for the grass welcome drink wall?

Access to the venue must be clear with no obstructions, close to the drop destination agreed prior to delivery and be void of flights of stairs and hazardous areas. ID-Dizajner Events must be informed of height restrictions, parking restrictions and the need for loading bays before the event. In the event of adverse access, an additional charge may be charged to cover the extra time/cost incurred to ID-Dizajner but we can almost always find a way to work around them if told when making the booking. 

Do you provide waiters to serve drinks with the Grass Welcome drink wall?

We find that many venues will have their own waiter service designated to welcome drinks, for this reason, we do not offer the service of waiters with the Grass Welcome drink wall.

Why is there a two-day minimum rental fee on orders for evening events?

ID-Dizajner Events does not carry out pick-ups late at night/in the early hours of the morning and therefore rentals for evening events (starting after 12:00 noon) are subject to rental for a minimum period of 2 days. Rentals which start prior to or at 12:00 noon and rentals that amount to Eur 500 or more (including VAT) will have this policy waivered.

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